Small group gatherings that integrate the teaching of Jesus with real life through real community.

Following Jesus is a relational journey that is best done together.  This is why LIFE HUBS are our highest priority “path” as a community.  

LIFE HUBS are home-based gatherings that grow out of the connections of where people live, work or play.  This smaller group community provide us with life-changing conversations that help us stay oriented around Jesus.

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Large group gatherings that teach, inspire and connect people with Jesus and his people. 

While the message of Jesus must be worked out in the context of commitment to a smaller group of people - we know that it is still very important to gather together as a "congregation." 

When the time is right, we will create engaging venues that will combine music, visual and spoken word in an informal atmosphere to that welcomes anyone interested in connecting with God and the big questions of life.

Projects that give our network opportunity to serve our community because of Jesus. 

 In Matthew 5:16 Jesus told his earliest followers that they should "let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

The True North community loves to find creative and strategic ways to serve the people in our neighborhoods because it is one of the most practical ways for us to point people towards Jesus.

We aim to do a CSI of some sort every month.

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