True North is a network of incarnational communities that loves to point people to Jesus.

We point people to Jesus by living in RHYTHM, moving in PATHWAYS, and growing in CIRCLES.

Six lifestyle disciplines of RECREATE, EAT, BLESS, ENGAGE, LISTEN, and STORY-FORMED keep us oriented around Jesus and his mission. We refer to them as the “R.E.B.E.L.S. Rhythms.”* 

Living in RHYTHM... 

Six lifestyle disciplines of RECREATE, EAT, BLESS, ENGAGE, LISTEN, and STORY-FORMED keep us oriented around Jesus and his mission. 

Find out more about our REBELS RHYTHMS [HERE] 

Moving in PATHWAYS...

We invite people to join us as we travel 3 main PATHWAYS that keep us moving in the same direction:

  • Small group gatherings that integrate the teaching of Jesus with real life through real community. (These will eventually be called "LifeHubs")
  • Larger group gatherings that connect people with Jesus and his people through singing, prayer and teaching.
  •  Community Service Initiatives that give us opportunity to serve our community because of Jesus. 
We invite people to grow in 3 main CIRCLES of relationship:

  • COMMUNION - Intimacy with God
  • COMMUNITY - Interdependence  with people
  • COMMISION - Influence with our world

True North Church is proud to be sponsored by Vision Ministries Canada