Following Jesus is a relational journey that is best done together.  

This is why LIFE HUBS are our highest priority “path” as a community.  

LIFE HUBS are home-based gatherings that grow out of the connections of where people live, work or play.  

This smaller group community provide us with life-changing conversations that help us stay oriented around Jesus.  

Life Hubs are open to anyone curious about the message and community of Jesus and are intended to be multi-generational.

Every LifeHub shares a responsibility for...

Eating together

...we remind ourselves that Jesus is "food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat." Matthew 5:6

Embracing guests

...we invite people to "come and see" the life Jesus offers - no matter where they are coming from. Matthew 11:28

Engaging families

...we believe that kids embrace Jesus naturally when they are invited to join our conversations. Mark 10:13-16

Exploring truth

...we reflect on and apply Jesus-themes from scripture so that we learn as a congregation. Hebrews 13:17

Encouraging love

...every LifeHub takes on the pastoral responsibility for sharing, caring and praying for each other. John 13:34

Exercising faith

...a faith that doesn't make a difference in the world around us isn't really faith.  We look for opportunities to bless and serve the needs of our neighbors locally, nationally and globally. Ephesians 2:10

We have 2 LifeHub communities for you to connect with this fall...

The EAST LifeHub consists of families from Fowlers Corners and Ennismore. Jay & Christy Lehman are the contact couple for the East LifeHub.

 [Email Jay & Christy]

The WEST LifeHub consists of families in the Bridgenorth, Youngs Point and Duoro triangle. Tim & Lisa Barcroft are the contact couple for the WEST LifeHub. 

[Email Tim & Lisa]

LifeHubs will be discussing this 4 message series: 

P1: Ex-Squeeze Yourself 

P2: +�><

P3: Dollars and Sense

P4: Choosing to Cheat